Enjoying CERT C secure coding analysis with embedded compilers through Safety Checker

Oct 14, 2016 • Harm-André Verhoef

The standalone version of TASKING Safety Checker can be used in various industries where IEC 61508 related regulations are in place, like ISO 26262 in automotive. In addition to its safety aware analysis it supports CERT C coding analysis independent from the tool chain that is in use.

cert-c-secure-coding-350x218.jpgAltium always has been at the forefront of incorporating support for new standards in its embedded TASKING C compilers. It was one of the first to fully integrate code analysis capabilities for the various MISRA C guideline standards in its compilers, saving users from investing in separate tools and increasing the build efficiency by leaving out such tools from the development chain. Soon after the CERT C secure coding standard gaining ground, the TASKING compilers were extended with code analysis capabilities for it, not offered by other embedded C compilers.

Still today many embedded C compiler lack this unique functionality, but through TASKING Safety Checker embedded developers can now benefit from the experience that Altium gathered since it rolled out the support for CERT C. Safety Checker can easily be configured by the developer to work with such embedded C compilers from vendors that offer no support, for example by starting to examine a sample configuration file on the support web.

Download the evaluation of TASKING Safety Checker today.

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